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rubles a year 癃does not conduce to making a man human; and, ●finally, all bearers of honors in Russia are ▓cynics, because their existence is▓ founded only on the mood of a single per▓son, and their whole career is a ga●me of hazard.In the case of Plehve and oth●ers there is this[Pg 180] addi●tional evil influence, that not bein▓g Russians—Plehve is a Pole, o▓f Lettish-Jewish origin—they must distinguish t▓hemselves by special Russian Chauvinism in ▓order to avoid suspicion.Plehve is▓ not a great

man, his whole mini●sterial career being devoid of a single note▓worthy act.He is a successful officia▓l, who intends by every means to ●make himself felt in high circl▓es, and who considers himself justified in cou●ntering the intriguing of his rivals▓ by any or all the means customary in the land●, and Voilà tout.But, in general, love of ▓truth is not a characteristic of ●so-called public life in Russia.Hence it would ▓be unjust to count as a special crime Plehve's ▓special falseness. It must b●e conceded that even this picture ▓is far from being a pleasing one.If● to these features th

e proved fact is added t▓hat Plehve denounced to the governor-gen

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▓eral, Count Muraviev, his ow●n Polish foster-parents, who picked him▓ up, so to speak, in the very street and raised● him (Plehve was originally ▓a Catholic), so that they were sent to Siberia ●in return for their kindness;▓ that Pl

ehve, therefore, began his car●eer with a deed of infamous ingratitude ▓and treachery,[4] then the black w●il

l be black enough to allow of passing ove▓r the remaining smirches in t●

影音先锋 Xfplay

he picture of a monster. But the● most pitiful of all that I heard a▓bout Plehve's régime was the answ▓er I received when I[Pg 181] as▓ked a man in a very responsible pos●ition whether better things might be expe●cted when Plehve should be overtaken ▓by his inevitable fate. No, the ▓answer was; deserved as such a fate will be,▓ for us it will bring no help.Another man, th▓at is all.Plehve is on

ly the ideal require▓d by the régime.A police state n●eeds police natures, and always finds them.▓He has all the vices save that o▓f corruptibility, but is by no means u▓nique in the hierarchy of Russian offic●ials.And it is far from probable that ▓anything better would succeed him.If all ●Russia hopes [sic] that he will soon be annihi●lated, it is not because an amelioration▓ of things is hoped for,

but because ●some satisfaction is felt when one ●of these beasts

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